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Do you have trouble browsing through different websites? Well, say no to all inconveniences because fuss-free browsing is available through navigation bars or navbars. Easy to use and understand, the navbar is the ultimate source for fuss-free browsing at all websites and can be placed on any web page. Thanks to it, you do not have to scroll for hours on websites, wasting your precious time! The most modern version of websites has made navigation bars absolutely compulsory. This section is a go-to option for all those clients who wish to design something standard for menu designs of their websites.

This example shows a standard horizontal navigation bar with a hover effect.
It includes a separator that stands between the “Contact Us” and “My Account” buttons.

Navigation Bar with Dropdowns

This example shows a demo for a navbar with dropdown submenu designed by online application. The horizontal orientation is the standard layout to browse, and the demo readily displays the aspects of a must-have navigation component for any website.

This example is a classic website navigation bar in a horizontal orientation.
The “Products & Services” has a submenu with child elements.

When someone visits your site, their main focus is on the navigation bar. The mainstream in the website design, a navbar, offers you to make your site more attractive. It is aesthetically beautiful and functionally impressive and allows you to use vertical space of a page for other content. With the online maker, you can design a classic website navigation bar, including submenus, in the shortest possible time.

How to Make a Navigation Bar

To make it using HTML and CSS, read this tutorial. The Dropdown Menu Generator does not require any technical experience. No CSS, JavaScript, or HTML code. Just add elements to the structure of your menu project, and click on the “Refresh” button underneath the “Design” window. The application will create the navigation bar in one second. The horizontal orientation is set by default. To add the navbar to your web page, use a short copy-paste code. For more details, read this blog post:

Adding Dropdown Menu To A Web Page

How to Create a Horizontal Navigation Bar

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“You have the best dropdown menu system I've seen. I have been a web designer for 20+ years and believe me I've seen them all.” - Mike Boyles.
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