Vertical Navigation Bar

Have trouble finding the right products on a website? Well, vertical navigation bars on websites are the best support system that displays choices of products making decisions easier. Simple and articulate, these navigation bars give you an overview of the different sections of a website, making it easier for you to choose. We can understand the pain of clicking “back” several times to reach the desired page. Frustrating and old-school, no? Vertical navigation bars are like the icing on the cake, which completes the outlook and essence of the website.

This example shows the standard vertical navigation bar.

Vertical Navigation Bar with Sub-Menus

Want to know the mantra for any attractive website design? Add child items to the vertical menu bar. For example, it can be a list of products. Such menus create a mesmerizing impact on your audience, making them stay on your site for a longer time while providing better user experience. This approach helps your visitors keep the attention on what they might be looking for instead of leading them to unnecessary diversions.

This example is a classic website navigation bar in vertical orientation.
The “Products & Services” element has a sub-menu.

How to Make a Vertical Navigation Bar

With the help of Dropdown Menu Generator, you can create a vertical navigation bar without knowledge of CSS, HTML, or JavaScript. Add elements to the structure of your menu bar under the “Structure Tab” and set the orientation to “Vertical” under the “Options Tab”. The online application generates ready-to-use navigation bars in seconds. To put the bar on your web page, just use a copy-paste Embed Code. For more details, how it works, read these blog posts:

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How to Create a Vertical Navigation Bar

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