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Make It Easy

A clear navigation bar allows visitors to have a quick overview of what they may be looking for. The dropdown menu is an effective way if you want to impress your website visitors. It is a list of links, dropping down from the main bar. Create it in a few minutes with ease.

Easy to Use Editor

No technical experience required! Make your menu with easy drag-and-drop functionality. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Pre-Built Templates

With just one click, choose from numerous professional pre-built templates that you can customize according to your needs.

Seamless Integration

Set the desired appearance of the entire menu with a couple of clicks! Copy and paste the two-line Embed Code into your web pages.

Featured Solutions & Demos

Dropdown Menu Generator has made it easy for you to design a website navigation panel of your dream without using tech languages like Java, HTML, CSS, and more. From classic horizontal bars to space-saving vertical bars, mobile-friendly menus to menus with icons and images, you can create a brilliant and professional menu for your site with our tool. Check out some of our top examples and start creating your website menu right now.

Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar

Easy to use, the navigation bar is the ultimate source for fuss-free browsing at all websites and can be placed on any web page.

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Responsive Navbar

Responsive Navbar

A responsive navbar is your best bet! It is customized for big screens or small screens, adapting to any screen size.

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Sticky Menu

Sticky Menu

Sticky menus provide a user-friendly interface by being consistently visible even when users scroll down the page.

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Menu with Icons

Menu with Icons

Add icons to your website navigation panel to allow your users to identify each link on the navigation bar.

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Menu with Images

Menu with Images

Navigation system with graphics communicates instantly as the brain interprets images much quicker than the plain text.

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Mega Menu

Mega Menu

It helps to accumulate all website navigation links into one place so that users are provided with maximum choice with minimum effort.

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“Thank you for this product. I searched online for two days trying to find get a clean and straightforward way to add a dropdown menu to my blogger site. This is perfect. I have several websites, so I plan to use it more.” - Maddie James.
DropDown Menu Generator - Overview

See How It Works

The tool offers flexibility and simplicity to create a
dropdown menu of your choice within a few minutes. All that you need is a browser and an Internet connection. No programming or design skills are necessary.

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All the Features You Need

The dropdown menu, created by our online application,
meets all the requirements for professional website navigation.

Multiple Levels of Hierarchy

Menu structure can involve multiple levels of hierarchy. This allows you to create the most effective and professional navigation system for your website.

Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

Website navigation menus generally come in one of two orientations: horizontal or vertical. Choose an orientation for your navbar with just one click.

Multi-Column Submenus

If the submenu is a long list of elements, just split it into columns. Add a vertical line between each column to make the layout more visually appealing.

Vector Icons

The tool includes the set of 120+ most popular icons. It contains the general icons, icons for social networking, multi-purpose icons and others. Use it or import your own icon set.

Web Fonts

The collection offers more than 60 most popular web fonts. The use of non-standard fonts will give your menu the attractive look that matches the theme of your site.


People process visual information faster. Adding images to the menu provides visitors with visual clues about the site content and adds a nice design touch to your site.

Intelligent Behavior

The menu is a smart system - it displays submenus on the available screen space. They are displayed over image rotators and Flash movies. Special repositioning logic prevents "stacking" for submenus.

Responsive Bar

If the viewport width is less than the width of the navigation bar, an alternate compact menu appears. The compact menu has support for expandable/collapsible submenus.

Fast and Lightweight

The menu is a small-size JavaScript file. No additional libraries like jQuery. It does not increase the size of pages and provides an accurate response to a user's actions.

Unlimited Hosting

Store your menu in our cloud and use copy-paste code to display it directly on your web pages. Any modification made to the menu in the generator will be immediately reflected in the menus on your site.

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Unlimited Menu Hosting
“I am glad I stumbled across Dropdown Menu Generator as it is perhaps the best of its kind I have ever seen. The website is top class, and it was extremely easy to create a site navbar online - and even easier to add it to my website pages.” - Kevin Browne. Lancashire.

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