Responsive Navbar

A major portion of the population worldwide now prefers to use their smartphones to access websites for information or to order their favorite products online. Thus, you need a responsive website navbar to provide users with easy website navigation across smartphones, tablets, and other devices with a small screen. Dropdown Menu Generator has made it easy for you to create a responsive navigation bar without using CSS, PHP, or other tech languages. The design shows an alternate compact menu on different small-screen devices if the viewpoint width is less than the width of the navbar.

This example shows a classic responsive navbar. To see it in action, resize the navbar's container, to emulate a small screen, by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner. An alternate compact menu appears if the width of the container is less than the width of the navigation bar.

Responsive Navbar Adjusts Itself

A responsive navigation bar is your best bet! It is customized for big screens or small screens, adapting to any screen size. This demo shows that the menu adjusts itself according to the width of the viewport.

How does it do that? Well, our online application designs a responsive menu such that an alternate compute menu appears in case the viewport width is less than the width of the navigation bar.

This example shows a standard responsive navbar with the enabled “Expandable Nodes” option. To resize the navbar container, click and drag the bottom right corner. To expand or collapse, click on the arrow indicator.

Make the Navigation Bar Responsive by One Click

To make it using HTML and CSS, refer to this tutorial. In an online generator, to make your navigation bar responsive, just enable the “Responsive” checkbox under the “Options Tab”. Also, you can set the text of the compact version of your menu. The “Expandable Nodes” option allows you to display submenus in a compact form with the ability to expand nodes on user action. This option is very useful if you want to save space on the screen. Enable it if the menu structure contains a large number of elements that are arranged into two or more levels of hierarchy.

How to Make a Responsive Navbar

“I am glad I stumbled across Menu Generator as it is perhaps the best of it's kind I have ever seen. The website is top class, and it was extremely easy to create a site navbar online - and even easier to add it to my website pages.” - Kevin Browne. Lancashire.
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