Multilevel Dropdown

Dropdown menus are a common technique for creating a navigation in Web sites. The Multilevel Dropdown is a great improvement over the standard Dropdown menu. It allows you to specify exactly where each submenu will appear within the hierarchy of the other menu items.

This example shows the menu with multiple levels of hierarchy.
Special repositioning logic prevents "stacking" for submenus.

Multilevel Dropdown puts the menu hierarchy in your hands. In addition to the same common menu design features as the standard Dropdown menu, multilevel dropdown menus allow you to place more control over where each menu item is added to the list. This allows for better keyword targeting of your audience, as they will only see menu options that are immediately relevant to them.

Multilevel Dropdowns Help to Organize Web Pages

You can use the Multilevel Dropdown to replace your old-style cascading menus and create a new unlimited navigation structure. Each menu item will be shown where you want it to appear in the structure tree depending on which level is being viewed and can manage items below them. You can set whether or not menu items display at lower levels, only at higher levels, or even disable them from appearing at all until a certain level is reached.

Multilevel Dropdowns - Website Structure Tree

How to Make Multilevel Dropdowns

The Menu Generator online application makes this job easy and quick. You can add drop-down menus directly beneath the main Navigation Bar. You can then set up different menus within each drop-down as needed for your menu hierarchy. Each menu item may be set to appear only at the point in the hierarchy where you want it to appear. By doing this, you're able to determine which options are visible depending on the level that is being viewed and thereby create a customized user experience that makes customers feel like the site was designed specifically for them.

To make an element as a child for the parent element, just drag it and put it to the same location with a small indent on the left.

How to Create a Multilevel Dropdown

The Multilevel Dropdown design gives you the flexibility to define the menu hierarchy using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Make a navigation menu as deep or as simple as you need it. Nevertheless, there are practical limitations on the number of levels that you can use in your navigation. If you reach these during the development of your menu, you would be advised to re-think the structure.

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